A daemon is a created representation of one's subconscious, inner thoughts, or soul given a sentient form. It is most commonly an animal forn.

person who creates a daemon is also known as a Daemian. Daemons are often projected outside of the Daemai, though they are incorporeal, and cannot interact with the outside world.

The concept of modern daemonism was heavily inspired by Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy, but there are some daemains who have not read the books nor are fans, and daemonism has taken a community of its own.

Daemons and daemains may also celebrate their CIEday, or coming into existence day. This is the day when a daemain begins talking to or creating their daemon.

Some daemains also have multiple daemons for any reason, this is known as multidae.


A form is how a daemon appears to the daemian. Analyzing animals with the intention of them being potential daemon forms is a common practice.

A daemon picking a permanent form is known as "settling", but not every daemon/daemain has the intention of doing so. Some settled daemons and daemains celebrate their SFday, or settled-form day.

Types of forms include the following:

True Form - A daemon's settled form which represents the daemian's personality and symbolism, and what that is depends on the individual. Often overlaps with other types of forms.

Analytic Form - A form based on a detailed analysis on animal traits and behaviors in relation to one's personality.

Pullman Form/Symbolic Form - A form based on one's personal symbolism with an animal or associations. Based on one's identity and cultural classifications more than personality.

Comfort Form - A form a daemon takes to comfort a daemain but doesn't necessarily match with personality or symbolism.

Personal Form - A form that does not fit with any of the above, but is still important to the daemian/daemon because of personal meaning.


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